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Re: REFLECTOR: Fuel Tanks

Yes- the patterns I saw were about 1/2" diameter with a lot of jagged
(branching?) lines eminating in a circle from a central point. When I
mentioned it before someone said that the charges might collect around
projections (embedded dust, etc.) in the resin. I don't have any hair to
stand on end, which might have helped identify the source of the sparking
:). Does long hair increase a person's capacitance?
 I agree with your views on not having much metal involved. I was tempted to
link all the plumbing together for ease of grounding but someone (perhaps
you?) had brought up the capacitance issue. The screen I used was probably
less than 1.5 square feet per side- not much extra weight or capacitance.
Maybe it's not needed, but the setup has other functions as well: retaining
fuel caps and keeping larger contaminants near the opening where they would
be easier to remove.  Regards- Bill

prototype 'Super' Chipmunk N18EF
Velocity Classic RG N6098S in the works

 However, the field patterns in the
>dust sound intriguing.
>Simon Aegerter, Winterthur, Switzerland