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Re: REFLECTOR: Re: Reflector access

---"Brian K. Michalk"  wrote:
> > Wow!!!  That is unusual.  By the way, just a reminder, could you
> > that info on the AC's for the various info from the FAA about
which we
> > spoke last week?  Thanks for checking on the Reflector.
> I just looked for the packet info on www.safetydata.com.  It's
> an EAA sponsored site.  I can't find the publication I have though.
> Check there.  There are good AC's on amateur built aircraft.
> I looked at my booklet last night, but didn't pay close
> attention to the cover.  I'll post to the list after I can
> figure out who sent it to me.
> > How did the demo w/ the starter people go on FridaY?
> SkyTec came by with their starter, but it didn't fit.  Their machine
> guy transposed some dimensions.  They put the housing on the
> lathe and machined it to the proper specs.
> They are coming down again today (Wednesday) to try again.
> -- 

Thanks for checking.  I'll look on www.safetydata.com.

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