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REFLECTOR: Re: Reflector access

> Wow!!!  That is unusual.  By the way, just a reminder, could you post
> that info on the AC's for the various info from the FAA about which we
> spoke last week?  Thanks for checking on the Reflector.

I just looked for the packet info on www.safetydata.com.  It's
an EAA sponsored site.  I can't find the publication I have though.
Check there.  There are good AC's on amateur built aircraft.
I looked at my booklet last night, but didn't pay close
attention to the cover.  I'll post to the list after I can
figure out who sent it to me.

> How did the demo w/ the starter people go on FridaY?

SkyTec came by with their starter, but it didn't fit.  Their machine
guy transposed some dimensions.  They put the housing on the
lathe and machined it to the proper specs.

They are coming down again today (Wednesday) to try again.

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