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Re: REFLECTOR: Fuel Tanks

In a message dated 11/4/98 5:19:06 AM Pacific Standard Time, HadleyAir@aol.com

<< I must not be using the right keywords in my database searches, so can
 somebody out there tell me how many composite airplanes of any make have
 caught fire during refueling due to static spark ignition?

Certainly not John Denver's!  

Sorry to sound cold, but I displayed in two shows in the past month, and all I
kept hearing is "is this the plane that John Denver was flying?  Aren't these

Possable answers:
"No, his is in a thousand pieces, this one isn't"
"No, his didn't have fuel, this one does"
"No, his accident had nothing to do with the aircraft"
"No, The Aircraft design has one of the safest records of all."

Of course I don't USE some of these answers, that would be insulting to the
novice, but it sure gets annoying.  To bad the Media and that accident has put
that view in the eyes of the public.  But as we all know, a Celebrity couldn't
make ANY mistake, and anything they say regarding products or politics is
gospel.  Duane and Mark probably have more clever answers than I could come up
with, as the must deal with this constantly.