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>I had heard someone on the reflector talking about reducing the length of
>springs which hold the brushes to lengthen their life, have you done
>how long do your brushes last typically? 
Evidently the old springs were too stif, which caused the brushes to exert
much presure on the aluminum rotor.  The new springs exert less pressure
hence less wear.
Before the brushes wear, they are running on bear aluminum, and will wear
out in roughly 8 to 12 hours.  As the first set wear, they will leave a
thin coating
of  the brush material (carbon/bronze) on the aluminum.   Do not clean that
the coating is conductive and will act as a cushion for your second set of
brushes, which should last 50 to 60 hrs. (Mine did - Old type spring)

>Regarding the torquing of the bolts as a preflight, do you have a spinner
>has to be removed? How do you handle this? 
No I do not have a spinner, it would be a  PITA  to remove it before and
each flight to check the bolts.

>Also, I remember someone talking about the motors burning out or the

IVO has greatly improved the motor of even a year ago. The new type motor
which I assume you will be getting, is supposed to be bullet proof.
Again, the third line of my check list after turning on the main SW, 
the battery voltage and visual warning indicators, is, ADJUST PROP TO FULL

The way I do that is to stand by the door, reach in and hold the SW UP
until I
hear the motor slow to almost a stop.  In the air, prior to landing I watch
the RPM
gauge very carefully (with one eye of course) while adjusting to full fine
when the RPM stop increasing, I release the prop SW.  After landing and
down, I adjust the prop to neutral position by listening to the motor run
to it's fastest
point. Take these precaushions and your motor should last you a long time.

Note:  Any one with the old motor SHOULD return it to IVO for upgrade to
the new
Best Regards,
Mike Watson