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Re: REFLECTOR: Ground Engine Run-up

A newly overhauled engine is normally run in by using a club prop to load
it up without generating too much thrust.  Start with 15 minutes at idle
speed and then increase the speed by 100 RPM for each additional 15
minutes.  The last 15 minutes will be at full throttle.  Stay in the
cockpit and monitor CHT, EGT (if you have it) Oil Temp, Oil pressure, and
any other "engine health" gages you may have.  Any abnormality is cause
for instant shutdown to look for the reason without losing the engine.

Check with your engine supplier to see if it has already been run in or
just started and then shut down.

Lloyd L Garner, PE ----DMO 333  in work
1952 Parks College Grad with A&E training
Retired MDC Fighter Engineer out of St Louis

On Tue, 03 Nov 1998 10:18:46 +0900 Eung Tai Kim <eungkim@kari.re.kr>
>I'm going to install Lycoming IO-360 to my 173 this year.
>This engine is newly overhauled.
>The operating manual says : 'Ground run it for an hour or so at low to
>medium power.'
>I think I need to run the engine to the full power before taxing.
>Don't I need to?
>May I try to run it at max. power on the ground for a short time 
>the CHT/EGT?
>If I turn on the large fan in an effort to cool the engine, would it 
>even a little?
>Any comments and experiences please.
>Thank you very much.
>Eung Tai Kim
>South Korea
>173 FGE

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