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Re: REFLECTOR: Preliminary fuel assembly notes

>There was almost no resistance to air flow.

ok - I understand that -

>Well, I just ried it again, sitting here.  I took a deep breath
>and blew as hard as I could.  I was about halfway through with
>exhaling before I had to stop for another breath of air.

- but what does this mean? As a scuba diver you should be able to go
without inhaling for at least a minute. So you achieved a flow rate of 1.2
liters (half a lung full) per minute. Doesn't that tell me there was a lot
of resistance?

Anyway, PZL has told me that they now put a restricting device in the fuel
pump drive and they are going to retrofit it on mine. Tells me something
about my theory <g>.


Simon Aegerter, Winterthur, Switzerland