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REFLECTOR: Preliminary fuel assembly notes

I went to the warehouse tonight to make sure the engine is
ready for tomorrows visit by SkyTec.  They are going to put one of
their starters on an crank the engine through a few times to make
sure everything looks okay.

I removed the oil bypass assembly, and the fuel pump assembly.
I have not disasemmbled these assemblies yet.  What I did do
was blow into the orifice of the fuel pump where the oil
line is mounted.  There was almost no resistance to air flow.
Well, I just ried it again, sitting here.  I took a deep breath
and blew as hard as I could.  I was about halfway through with
exhaling before I had to stop for another breath of air.
Yeah, it's not very scientific, but it's a start.

I will disassemble and report back.

Brian Michalk  <http://www.awpi.com/michalk>
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