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Re: REFLECTOR: Pictures of the air intake on my bird

> Remember, Al: most people get TOO MUCH cylinder cooling. So, what we are
> trying to achieve is to have less cooling AND less drag in cruise while
> still being able to cool enough in climb. Besides, what's a high
> performance airplane without cowl flaps, right? <g>

Ahh, you already beat me to my previous post.

> Anyway, Brian: I HATE your invention. It is great and I cannot have it.
> There's no room for it on a retract. <g>

You may still be able to have it.

What this WILL do is tell me the OPTIMUM opening size for different
airspeeds.  This will allow those coming after me to adjust their
intakes accordingly.  It will also tell me if I can use something 
much smaller.

> Well - I may yet find a way. (After I find a way to get my oil cool).

Another option I was considering was to have the flapper part
parallel to the fuselage.  One could easily fashion a flapper that
conformed to the fuselage curve.  In fact, it would be a little stronger

The actuator would be inside the fuselage.
I decided against that arrangement because the strake was handy
and I would have had my actuator sticking into the fuselage.

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