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Re: REFLECTOR: Pictures of the air intake on my bird

>The narrowest part in the whole assembly is twelve square inches.  If I
>can convince the
>air to go through this restriction at a high rate, and then expand in the
>plenum, would that work?

While Al's observation about the need to slow down the intake air is
certainly correct, I don't think that the "official" version of the scoop
is any better than yours in this respect. True, Scott has suggested (I
hear) that the lip of the scoop be shaped like an airfoil (covex side
inside) and that would do exactly what Al suggests and nobody prevents you
from doing just that.

Remember, Al: most people get TOO MUCH cylinder cooling. So, what we are
trying to achieve is to have less cooling AND less drag in cruise while
still being able to cool enough in climb. Besides, what's a high
performance airplane without cowl flaps, right? <g>

Anyway, Brian: I HATE your invention. It is great and I cannot have it.
There's no room for it on a retract. <g>

Well - I may yet find a way. (After I find a way to get my oil cool).


Simon Aegerter, Winterthur, Switzerland