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Re: REFLECTOR: Pictures of the air intake on my bird

> A fundamental rule in air intakes is the air likes to be slowed down
> smoothly (expanded) before being asked to do gymnastics around corners, etc.
> My guess is that your scoop may work when open about 12 sq. in. or less (the
> area a your exit), but beyond that point, most of the air will spill out of
> your intake. Think of the shape of a NACA scoop; the reason they work so
> well is that they expand and slow the air that is entering the narrow part
> of the scoop.
> Your air ducting should be larger than the full open position (back to more
> drag).  One approach may be to have a fixed large intake, then a moveable
> bypass vane that would allow air to bypass straight through for less flow
> into the engine.

Okay.  I was under the assumption that the exit at the
propeller was the one I needed oto think about in terms of area.

The narrowest part in the whole assembly is twelve square inches.  If I can convince the
air to go through this restriction at a high rate, and then expand in the 
plenum, would that work?

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