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Re: REFLECTOR: Fuel Sight Gauges

If possible use Tygon tubing.  I have used this extensively in
fuel line applications and find that it does not cloud,
discolor, or harden (leading to leaks). Glass would be even
better, the problem is the installation.  For a different
application, but still a fuel sight gauge, I machined an
aluminum holder with o-ring seals into which a glass sight tube
was inserted and capped.  Worked well, but I think the Tygon
solution is much easier and will provide the needed visability
for a long time.

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The tubing supplied with the kit will turn yellow very quickly.
Amazon tubing sells plastic tubing that is fuel and oil
resistant and will not stain.  After the factory one stains,
visually they are useless.

173 FGE

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Subject: REFLECTOR: Fuel Sight Gauges

>Has anyone found a better alternative to the factory supplied
"Brass >Elbows and Plastic tube" approach ??
>I am concerned that this setup may leak fuel into the baggage
strake >area. The Brass fittings are heavy. My tubing is
already 'cloudy' and >its not even in use yet.
>Anyone tried using a glass tube?
>Ideas, suggestions......??
>Steve Beilby 173 RGE
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