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REFLECTOR: Modified door latch rod assembly


A photo of my modified latching arrangement for opening the door into the
strake can be seen at www.awpi.com/michalk/pics/latch.jpg

As you may recall from previous postings, I am installing the standard
strake configuration on my Elite RG, and building a custom piece (known as a
LEX, leading edge extension) which will go from the door cut at the leading
to near the front edge of the door.  It will extend back past the back edge
of the door at the fuselage surface to blend smoothly with the strake (a la
Berkut or EZ).

The outline (cutout) on the door will be the same shape is if you slide the
strake forward, thus extending the opening forward and the top of the cut
up, compared to just opening the Elite strake (as seen on the Velocity West
LW).  Us tall guys need that extra elbow room...; well, maybe you shorter
folks would like it also.  It is comparable to the so-called "big strake"
mod, except that it results in a piece on the door that doesn't extend out
as far (and maybe can be lighter).

E-mail me if you want further info.

Al Gietzen