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Re: REFLECTOR: Fuel Sight Gauges

In a message dated 10/28/98 7:10:36 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
<< While you may want to use new tubing when you install these things, they
 > actually work pretty well.  I have never had them leak, and it is a
 > direct method of checking your fuel quantity. >>

I have to second Bob on this.  I installed new tubing four years ago, and
about six months ago had to change it because it turned dark not cloudy.  This
is real easy to do by running the tanks down to about 5 gals each, then
lifting the opposite wheel off the ground about 2".  This will cause the fuel
in the tank to shift to the outside of the tank, leaving the lower gauge
fitting above the fuel level.  I used NO clamps on the fittings as the barbed
ends are plenty to hold the tubing in place.  Cut a vertical slice in the
tubing over the fitting with a razor blade being careful not to nick the brass
fitting, and slide the old off, and the new on.  The tubing is cheap, and you
should have no reason not to have crystal clear sight gauges all the time.