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Re: REFLECTOR: Engine weights

Mr. Greg Poole wrote:

> >Simon Aegerter wrote:
> >>
> >> >> IO-360    320.4 lbs    24.2 inches from firewall.
> >> >> I0-540    396.4 lbs    28.2 inches from firewall.
> >>
> >> With all that weight all the way back there, how do you 540 people
> keep
> >> your bird from falling on its tail? Park it like a Long?
> I too wondered how this worked out with IO540's! Did anybody answer
> Simon?
> Wouldn't any move to alter the main gear (presumably by kinking the
> main
> legs backwards as mounting any further aft enters engine bay)
> localise the
> stresses and weaken them, not to mention weight and balance
> considerations?
> Simon,

   I have a 173 ERG with a I O-540 which was built to factory
specification, with   the following modifications,

    1- The main landing gear is the heavier one designed for the XL
    2- Converted the baggage space for an additional 18 gallons
    3- Seven additional inches for the longer cowling
    4- One additional battery (24 lb.)in the nose for back-up
         of electronic system on bottom plugs

   With the plane empty the weight on the nose gear is 58 pounds, with
    pilot ( 204 lb..) and 85 lb.. ballast the center of gravity is
119.84 in
    the very center of the first flight box. I still have a climb prop
    does not load the 540 to it's full potential.

    To fly out of my home base ( MTJ Montrose Co. 6000 ft el ) I have
    to climb to 13 000 ft in 50 N M, this is why I need the extra H P.
    With the climb prop the performance numbers are,
             At 11000 ft, 2440 RPM, 16 inch manifold pressure,
             13.5 gph and 161 ks

    I still have a high CHT if the climb-out  is over 1000 fpm, Scale
    is working on a solution to this problem after which I will install
a performance
    prop., This should make the 540 work more than 16 inch and increase
    speed considerable.

    Mel Ball