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Re: REFLECTOR: Nuts, Bolts, & Washers, (oh my!)

Joe -

Martin's "Rules of Thumb" are the generally acepted ways of choosing
fastener assemblies in various airframe/engine applications.  All
aerospace engineers know and use them daily.   While you CAN spend a
fortune on books, it really isn't necessary to do so.

I have 2 FAA books that have a wealth of information and they are free
(Well,--- not if you paid your taxes).    Look up AC43.13-1A/2A
,"Aircraft Inspection, Repaiir and Alterations"  and  AC65-9A, "Airframe
& Powerplant Mechanics General Handbook".  I also have a book, "Manual of
Aircraft Materials", published by American Steel and Wire Co of New
Jersey in 1945, a Division of US Steel,  that has technical and
metalurgical information on all the wire they produced (Wire is the
source of ALL bolts and screws) at that time. Very valuable informatonn
if you want to calculate the actual strength of a bolt, but if you have
an engineer friend in the Aerospace business, he may be able to get you
an application handbook for the company (Boeing, NA, Northrup, Lockheed,
etc.)  Much faster than trying to calcuoate your own.

Lloyd Garner  DMO333
Retired MDC Engineer

On Fri, 23 Oct 1998 07:47:48 -0700 Joe Stack <joestack@technologist.com>
>Hi Folks,
>I've been finding that I have numerous questions regarding the right 
>for different jobs.  In talking to various people I've found that many 
>of these, so-called,
>expert mechanical engineers are as lost as me.  Since I generally 
>prefer to do things
>the right way I thought it would be worth spending a few hours with a 
>good piece of
>reference material.
>Does anyone know where I can get a reasonably comprehensive reference 
>the details of various fasteners?  I've checked amazon.com and they 
>have books ranging
>from $15 to $120, but I can't get any idea what material these titles 
>Joe Stack

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