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REFLECTOR: Re: Engines

>      I have a fair amount of opinion re non aircraft engines, as we
> had both a Wankle and a SubaruSVX engine before deciding on a
> Lycoming.  The bottom line, those two auto engines with a power
> reduction unit and fuel/electronic/etc. systems (and some hardware
> changes in the Wankle) that were acceptable to us, were not cheaper
> than a rebuild (new cylinders, new pistons, and complete overhaul) of
> a Lyc. IO-360.  I hated to give up the Subaru, as it was a beautiful
> piece of machinery and ran so smoothly that simply putting it on wood
> blocks was enough of a mount to do our test runs.  However, with an
> auto conversion, you get an engine that is not designed to run for a
> long time with the power output required for aviation, and therefore
> would possibly need an overhaul far quicker than a Lyc.; required
> water cooling, was unproved in aviation, (both of these engines have
> been shown to have some unexpected big problems peculiar to their use
> on an airplane) and required a PRU that had so few units running that
> possible problems (such as shaft breaks, etc.) were not really
> known..  You were putting an experimental engine on an experimental
> plane - - more of a risk than putting a proven power plant on your
> plane.
>     I don't know much about the Franklin, but understand to cost of an
> overhaul (if you fly to that point) is far less than the cost to
> overhaul your Lycoming.  However, like everything else in life, it has
> some disadvantages that you can find out more about by watching the
> Reflector mail (and by checking some past postings).  Joe Connally
> CBrock5000@aol.com wrote:
>> Forgive me for asking a stupid question, but why would anyone
>> consider other
>> engines/propellers than lycoming/mt combo's? Aren't the costs
>> associated with
>> "non traditional aircraft engines" being engineered to fit/balance,
>> etc. about
>> the same as what the lycoming/mt would be also? P.S. I have finished
>> my hours
>> for pilot license and test next week!!  50 days of training and Free
>> at last!!