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Re: REFLECTOR: engines

CBrock5000@aol.com wrote:
> Forgive me for asking a stupid question, but why would anyone consider other
> engines/propellers than lycoming/mt combo's? Aren't the costs associated with
> "non traditional aircraft engines" being engineered to fit/balance, etc. about
> the same as what the lycoming/mt would be also?

Hey, wait a second!. My Franklin is being shipped in less than 3 weeks.
$19,000 all ready spent. I'm looking into getting a Whirl Wind Series
150 Propeller, $7300 with Hartzel governor. 

At Oshkosh 98 dinner, I sat next to Mark, who had a 400 Series on order
for an XL with and IO-540.

Mark, what do you think of the prop? It is suppose to be half of the
weight of and MT, 21 vs 42 lbs (150).

Carl Hoffman