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Re: REFLECTOR: Engine weights

Thanks, Duane, for adding your thoughts to the ongoing
discussions about the proper way to deal with different
engines. The original thread was motivated by the concern
that alternative engines might not fit the original design
parameters, and a few of us tried to ask what numbers are
"real." I for one was not that happy that a reengineering of
the plane became the focus of the discussion.

Maybe Alan has had enough experiance with the plane after
all these years to:

> I moved the center of lift, center of rotation
>and the center of gravity.

but I do not want to head way into that many changes
without serious engineering help. I really do not want to go
there at all if I can avoid it.

I still hope to put the 20b in the tail, but if the weights get too
far out of line I'll have to rethink the whole thing. There will
be an amount of extra balast I am willing to add to the nose
to get things to balance, but yes, at some point the change in
the moment of inertia will change the way the plane flys, and
that may not be a good thing.