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Re: REFLECTOR: Anti shimmy nose gear mod


Regarding nose gear shimmy, I had a problem that slowly developed over time,
only during breaking.  I installed the shimmy mod and noticed no improvement.
I then realized that it was not the nose wheel at all, but the uneven breaking
of the mains caused by warpage of the disks.  This warpage is caused by
overheating the breaks from heavy breaking over time.  I installed new chrome
disks, and the problem stopped.  The reason I didn't use stainless steel disks
was because I installed them on my Cardinal years ago, and noticed that they
wore much worse than the chrome before.  The S.S. and much softer that chrome,
and since the Velocity uses much more breaking than a Cessna, it probably
wouldn't be the thing over the long haul.  I did not have to do any other
modification to install the shimmy mod other than the machining of the fork as
done by Velocity.

Just something else to conceder if you have a shimmy problem.