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RE: REFLECTOR: Engine weights


Don't think for a moment that I would deviate from the plans to get a
heavier more powerful engine in! Even if I wanted to, our authorities would
have collective  heart attacks and ensure the $$'s of red tape required
would kill the project.

This thread started out with a simple question on how Alan and others kept
their bird's noses from pointing to the moon when parked. Having easily
lifted the nose of an XL with one hand I know just how sensitively blanced
Velocitys are when parked.  Thought I would point out the disadvantages by
mentioning the difficulty in moving, changing the main gear as well as
inherent problems of C'of'G. ....Still haven't read an answer from those
with the heavier engines!

>Dear Simon:
>   Can't help from seeing all this stuff on the IO540.  Moving the gear
>would only satisfy the problem of the airplane falling on the tail.
>What about the CG?  Moving the gear does nothing about the CG.  In fact,
>keeping the airplane from falling on its tail by less weight in the
>engine compartment or extra weight in the nose is the ONLY way to solve
>the CG problem, not moving the gear.  Extra weight in the nose can also
>be a problem due to the difficulty of stopping the momentum created by
>the extra weight once the airplane is pitched up due to either a pilot
>induced pitch change or as a result of a gust at low speed.  In any
>case, the use of a heavier engine should be explored with caution and
>testing by someone qualified to do this testing.  Most of us are not
>qualified to do this.
>   Sincerely,
>   Duane Swing
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>> Sent: Tuesday, October 20, 1998 10:23 AM
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>> Dave Black wrote
>> >Simon Aegerter wrote:
>> >> Carl Hoffmann wrote:
>> >> >> IO-360    320.4 lbs    24.2 inches from firewall.
>> >> >> I0-540    396.4 lbs    28.2 inches from firewall.
>> >>
>> >> With all that weight all the way back there, how do you 540 people
>> keep
>> >> your bird from falling on its tail? Park it like a Long?
>> >
>> >
>> >What about modifying the main gear so it extends farther aft?
>> First, we have learned in the meantime that tese numbers are simply
>> fill-ins, but probably not too far from reality, soooo:
>> Moving the gear aft, that's what Allan Shaw recommends. Works for FGs;
>> wouldn't know how to do it on a retract. Maybe like Greg Poole
>> recommends,
>> but even then you don't have more than a couple of inches at most or
>> the
>> wheel hits the spar on retraction. Making the whole bird longer is
>> probably
>> the best bet.
>> Best
>> Simon
>> Simon Aegerter, Winterthur, Switzerland

Greg Poole ( Std RG Elite Velocity - "down under")