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Re: REFLECTOR: Engine weights


> Moving the gear aft, that's what Allan Shaw recommends. Works for FGs;
> wouldn't know how to do it on a retract. Maybe like Greg Poole recommends,
> but even then you don't have more than a couple of inches at most or the
> wheel hits the spar on retraction. Making the whole bird longer is probably
> the best bet.

It might be possible to install the gear retraction pivot at a slight
angle without actually modifying the gear legs themselves. If the
geometry works, the gear could extend a few inches rearward, yet
retract into more-or-less the same place in the strake. My biggest
concern without actually researching this idea is that the retracted
gear would be turned slightly, and MIGHT take up a bit more space in
the strake. 

But I have not researched this, since I have no immediate plans to
install a bigger engine. Need to get my bird FLYING first, you know. 

Dave Black
SW RG TopDoor (Classic)