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REFLECTOR: Low profile spark plugs

David Posavec from Champion sent me this regarding the
possible use of low profile spark plugs in the Franklin engine.

Dear Mr. Michalk,

Here is the information you requested for the Franklin 6A350-C1R.
Our catalog shows two Champion spark plugs to be approved for use in the 
C1 series engines.  They are the RHB32E and RHB36S.  Both of these
plugs have an installed height of 2.351 inches.  The H in the plug part
numbers indicate these plugs to be "big barrel" style for use with 
"all weather" style harnesses.

The other plug we previously spoke about is our REM37BY.  It is not
FAA/PMA approved for use in this series of engines.  It is currently 
produced with an installed height of 2.351 inches, but we are retooling
to begin producing this plug with an installed height of 2.057
inches.  The shorter REM37BY plugs will not be available until early
1998 [I assume he meant 1999].  This plug has a heat rating of
37 which is hotter than the RHB36S which is itself hotter than
the RHB32E.  The higher the number at the end of the plug part
# the hotter the plug's heat rating.  The REM37BY is a "small
barrel" spark plug and uses a different harness than the
big barrel variety.

We have no plans to produce any other spark plugs in shorter
lengths at this time.

Brian Michalk  <http://www.awpi.com/michalk>
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