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Re: REFLECTOR: Engine weights

Dave Black wrote
>Simon Aegerter wrote:
>> Carl Hoffmann wrote:
>> >> IO-360    320.4 lbs    24.2 inches from firewall.
>> >> I0-540    396.4 lbs    28.2 inches from firewall.
>> With all that weight all the way back there, how do you 540 people keep
>> your bird from falling on its tail? Park it like a Long?
>What about modifying the main gear so it extends farther aft?

First, we have learned in the meantime that tese numbers are simply
fill-ins, but probably not too far from reality, soooo:
Moving the gear aft, that's what Allan Shaw recommends. Works for FGs;
wouldn't know how to do it on a retract. Maybe like Greg Poole recommends,
but even then you don't have more than a couple of inches at most or the
wheel hits the spar on retraction. Making the whole bird longer is probably
the best bet.


Simon Aegerter, Winterthur, Switzerland