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Re: REFLECTOR: Armpit scoops

> This arrangement lets
>him remove his lower cowl without disconnecting his ducts from
>the scoops.

Excellent idea! the number of times I have removed my lower cowling
recently had me wondering if there's not an easyer way. Especially
replacing the cowl is a pita with those ducts having to go in the tight

> I would also like to move
>the scoop leading edge nine inches in front of the cowl cut line.

Mine is a retract, so I cann't do that; however, I like the thought. In the
original design the surface between the scoop and the flange is almost
impossible to finish and spray. So why not do away with that ugly slit all

The opening of the scoop probably has to be a little less than the original
scoop: first it is too big anyway (my CHTs are around 230-280F) and you get
better efficiency more forward. Cut the opening slanted about 15-30deg so
that the opening is larger at high angles of attack!


Simon Aegerter, Winterthur, Switzerland