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RE: Fwd: REFLECTOR: Re: Oil temp./press.

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> Subject: Re: Fwd: REFLECTOR: Re: Oil temp./press.
> If you have an oil pressure drop that cuts off the oil cooler , the
> purpose is keep the pressure up inside of the engine,

Not quite. The purpose of the pressure relief is to keep oil moving inside
the engine if the cooler becomes blocked. (This is only indirectly dependent
on temperature; the vernatherm mechanism found on Lycomings operates via
temp, but the equivalent does not appear to exist on the Franklin.) The
stiffer spring and/or washers inside the relief mechanism raise the pressure
value at which the cooler bypass cuts in, thus forcing circulation through
the cooler even when the pressure is relatively high.

I have to agree with Simon that there must be some mechanism in his engine
that is allowing oil to bypass the cooler. It may be the large line to the
fuel pump, or possibly the incorrectly drilled galleries mentioned by Brian.

 - Chuck