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Re: REFLECTOR: Oil Temps

Mike, thanks for the info!

>You stated that you have one washer behind the relief spring,
>I have 3  #3 washers ( totaling .465 inches) behind the spring.

But I already have the stiffer spring from PZL!

>I also changed my oil lines to 5/8 from 1/2inch. and all my
>connectors are #10 fittings, Therefore my presure resistance
>to oil flow is very low.

I've been pondering that but I don't think I have enough room in the duct
and I cannot get to the other duct to run one oil line there. Too much
stuff in front of it!

>I am using only one oil cooler in the nose. (Wing cooler was removed,
>too much resistance)

Adding my second cooler made little difference but what difference it made
was definitely in the right direction. I may change it to parallel.

>I'm now getting 82psi on climb out and 58psi at
>cruise, presure taken at fuel pump feed line.

My numbers are 68 and 46 respectively. I think I now know why! (see my post
to Brian)

>Thats strange! I have to level off at 2000ft because my #3 and #4 CHT'S
>gets to 380 - 390 F.  after a minute or two they drop to 320 -340 F and I
>can resume climb to altitude.

#3 and 4? Now, THAT is strange. Before I added a baffle in the intake duct
of the plenum my #1 and 2 were the hottest. Now they are within 20C and
none ever hotter than 160C (320F).

Simon Aegerter, Winterthur, Switzerland