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>>Oil temp 210F on climb out 195F cruise.
How is your oil cooling set up?

You stated that you have one washer behind the relief spring,
I have 3  #3 washers ( totaling .465 inches) behind the spring.
I also changed my oil lines to 5/8 from 1/2inch. and all my
connectors are #10 fittings, Therefore my presure resistance
to oil flow is very low.

I am using only one oil cooler in the nose. (Wing cooler was removed,
too much resistance)  I'm now getting 82psi on climb out and 58psi at 
cruise, presure taken at fuel pump feed line.

Mike: What kind of prop do you have?

IVO of course.!  (Tape and Torgue checked before and after each flight)
>I have the MT prop.
>Two oil coolers, a washer behind the stiffer spring and really cool CHs.
>Yet I have to stop climbing after 2000 ft because the oil temt gets near
>230F and the same after several minutes of full power level cruise.
Thats strange! I have to level off at 2000ft because my #3 and #4 CHT'S
gets to 380 - 390 F.  after a minute or two they drop to 320 -340 F and I
can resume climb to altitude.

Best Regards,

Mike Watson