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REFLECTOR: Brian Questions

Brian Asked,

What kind of performance are you realising?
Highest so far 187KIAS.  (RM Digital display)

Gallons per hour? 

12.4 on climb out  9.9 to 10.5 Cruise.  (AFA-10)
Maximum level flight speed?  

Haven't gone there as yet,  the highest I have had it  is 24/2500 at 9500ft
at 187KIAS.
However, Tom (Test Pilot) said he got 201KIAS on his second flutter test

Climb rate?  

I usually try to climb out at 120KIAS to obtain better engine (CHT)
cooling.  At that
rate  I am getting between 750 - 800 FPM.

If you are trying to obtain maximum performance of Velocity Standard Elite
with Franklin Engine, I am the wrong person to ask these questions,
I tend to fly very conservatively.  Maybe one of you guys that have pushed
your plane
to the ragged edge can answer Brian's questions.

Are you using the MA-5 carburetor? 

What magnetos?  
Dual Slick.
One more:  Have you noticed any cracks on your cowling wing
root flange?
Yes, Just where the trailing edge of the wing root flange meets the flange
that bolt the
cowling together.

Mike Watson.

PS, Brian I need one of the the new pressure relief spring.  I'm still
using the three washers
        behind the old spring.  Oil temp 210F on climb out 195F cruise.