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Re: REFLECTOR: antenna cable

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From: Martin A Hadley <mhadley1@juno.com>
To: reflector@awpi.com <reflector@awpi.com>
Date: Wednesday, October 14, 1998 7:31 AM
Subject: Re: REFLECTOR: antenna cable

>I was planning os shipping your cable today...30'. Right?
>I just reread all of your postings regarding this and I saw nothing of
>I assume you mean coax connectors.
>What ends do you want,  Straight? 90 degrees? I really am not trying to
>make this difficult, but if we are to do this right, I'll need this
>I will definitly have to order the ends but can have them here a a couple
>of days. It'll take me 30 minutes or so to put them onto the cable. Of
>course, this will add to the cost of the order.
>I apologize for any misunderstandings. The wording you used indicated to
>me that you were just looking for the triaxial cable itself. 

Forget "fittings" or connectors for the time beining.  Just sent cable. 

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