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Re: REFLECTOR: Engine weights

Peter Beaty wrote:

>What kinds of weights AND C.G. are folks actualy getting for each of
>what seems to be the 3 main engines folks are using now:
>>IO-360:        ??? lbs  and   ??.? inches c.g. from  ?? datum line
Franklin:      1568 lbs       129.7               nose
Velocity LW Elite RG, full IFR panel, sound proofing, full sump tank.

>I guess the easiest to understand might be to use the aft face of the
>firewall as reference or datum line.

The standard procedure for the Velocity is to use the nose (disregarding
pitot tubes, refuelling beams, Gatling guns and the like) as datum line.
Anything else varies from builder to builder.

> Then we could see the RELATIVE
>differences in rearward c.g. for various engines, without worrying about
>the actual c.g. of the completed airplane (which might vary from builder to

No matter where you coose the datum line, there is always a mix of
influences from the engine, the quality of work and options.

Watch out! just like Allan Shaw uses to say: airplanes are like people;
they gain waight with age! <g>


Simon Aegerter, Winterthur, Switzerland