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REFLECTOR: Re: Abilene

Here is Vance's email in case you don't have it.
---------------------- Forwarded by Greg Otto/CONTRACTOR/DALLAS/CYRIX on
10/13/98 08:25 AM ---------------------------

Vance Atkinson <vaatk@flash.net> on 10/03/98 09:37:25 PM

Please respond to vaatk@flash.net

To:   greg.otto@eng.cyrix.com
cc:    (bcc: Greg Otto/CONTRACTOR/DALLAS/CYRIX)
Subject:  Re: Abilene

Unfortunately, I will be on duty then.  Sometimes the company releases
us early and in that case we'll be there.  Vance

greg.otto@cyrix.com wrote:
> Vance,
> I was looking thru the April CS newsletter and it mentioned flying out to
> Abilene together.  I saw where there was a friday night supper at
> What are the particulars of the flight and supper?
> Greg Otto
> Velocity N150GH ("Ugly Duckling")