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Re: REFLECTOR: Engine weights

At 11:46 AM 10/7/98 -0700, David Doshay wrote:

>The manual advises that the firewall rearward package
>should weigh 400 lbs or less.

The Velocity Manual specifies a weight of 400 lbs or less, assuming the use
of an IO-360 engine mount(?).  This combination fixes the c.g. of the
engine installation.  So, my addition to David's question is:

What kinds of weights AND C.G. are folks actualy getting for each of
what seems to be the 3 main engines folks are using now:
>IO-360:	??? lbs  and   ??.? inches c.g. from  ?? datum line
>Franklin:	??? lbs        ??.?                   ??
>IO-540:	??? lbs        ??.?                   ??
OTHER ENGINES ???            ??.?                   ??

When specifying the c.g., please tell us the reference or datum line you use.

I guess the easiest to understand might be to use the aft face of the
firewall as reference or datum line.  Then we could see the RELATIVE
differences in rearward c.g. for various engines, without worrying about
the actual c.g. of the completed airplane (which might vary from builder to