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Re: REFLECTOR: fuel capacity

In a message dated 10/9/98 6:11:41 PM Pacific Daylight Time, jcbarnes@ibm.net

> I asked Duane about the extended fuel option, which is simply reducing
>  baggage strake area in exchange for added fuel capacity, with the hoped
>  for life dream of flying overseas.  
>  His response was that sure I could do that, but I'd suffer the permenant
>  loss of my baggage area, and if I wanted to fly overseas I can get
>  rubber marine bladder(s) for extra fuel anyway.  One of us (are you out
>  there) put in the bladder(s) and made it to the Azores without using
>  it.  

Hi all,

The 173 RGE is claimed to have a 1200 mile range. Let's see...at 150 knots for
endurance, that works out to be 7 hours with a good reserve. My bladder won't
go that long with a full cup of "awake" in me. And the thought of peeing into
a fancy coffee can gives me a horrible case of "bashful bladder". And asking
an 8 year old to hit the hole while she deals with her new found modesty?
Well, I think that Jeff's plan to stop and check weather and use the proper
facilities at a FBO sounds pretty good.

Besides, I think the unmodified range of the aircraft opens up all kinds of
vacation possibilities. The first to drop off 55 gallon drums up the west
coast of the USA, across the Aleutians, down the east coast of Russia, China
and into Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand...and the second flying down and
playing hide and seek (along with bartering for the funny smelling "water")
with the natives.

How to do the third world in STYLE! ;<)

Dale Alexander
173 RGE