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Re: REFLECTOR: fuel capacity

Jeff Barnes wrote:
> I asked Duane about the extended fuel option, which is simply reducing
> baggage strake area in exchange for added fuel capacity, 
> As for W&B, run the numbers, but this should not pose a problem as long
> as you DO NOT EXTEND your tanks REARWARD, as an one Velocity driver did
> (maybe that's ex-driver, cuz he may no longer be with us...

The Velocity Factory explained to me that if you EXTEND your tanks
REARWARD, the W&B is thrown rearward if you are low on fuel and pitch
up. They also said I could extended the tanks outboard as long as I
allowed for the TRIAX reinforcement. This gave me a gain of .9 gals of
the 10 gal gain.

They also said I could go forward to the doors. I did not. I wondered
about the carbon beam reinforcement, which was to stretch across the
front baffle. Scott's rules A, B, and C. I do follow his rule D and E.  

> Carl Hoffman wrote:
> >
> >
> > one turn final into Washington's National Airport, with the "Capital
> > Dome" and Washington Monument in the back ground. The final is short to
> > avoid the Prohibited Area, and right over the fourteenth street bridge.

The FAA would not allow Eastern Airline's AirBus A300 landing rights
into National Airport because of a critical engine out problem.

Don't make a slide slip landing in a Velocity.

Carl Hoffman