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Re: REFLECTOR: fuel capacity

I asked Duane about the extended fuel option, which is simply reducing
baggage strake area in exchange for added fuel capacity, with the hoped
for life dream of flying overseas.  

His response was that sure I could do that, but I'd suffer the permenant
loss of my baggage area, and if I wanted to fly overseas I can get
rubber marine bladder(s) for extra fuel anyway.  One of us (are you out
there) put in the bladder(s) and made it to the Azores without using

As I wouldn't normally take off with full fuel (even without extra
capacity) and four adults, and I'd rather stop for food, fresh coffee, a
weather update (DUATs will nicely overlay an RMS flight plan chart) and
a real bathroom on a long cross-country anyhow, I'd just as soon have
the extra baggage area which also does a great job in eliminating
passenger clostrophobia.  Even with full-fuel, 2 adults 2 kids, I'd be
making the stop(s) anyway.  

When (if) I ever make 'the crossing' I'll do the rubber bladders, which
I'd do anyway.  And without the extra humans.

As for W&B, run the numbers, but this should not pose a problem as long
as you DO NOT EXTEND your tanks REARWARD, as an one Velocity driver did
(maybe that's ex-driver, cuz he may no longer be with us...I forgot the
various stories).  If it were a problem, I'm sure the factory wouldn't
advertise std and optional fuel capacities.

My 2 cents,
Jeff Barnes

Carl Hoffman wrote:
> Mr Greg Poole wrote:
> >
> > There seems to be a heap of opportunity to increase tank size in the
> > strakes but I suppose W&B considerations prevent this.
> >
> > Regards,
> > Greg.
> I'm glad to find out the 26 gals/tank figure from "HYTEC45". I've
> decreased the baggage size of the strakes considerably. The calculation
> was easy, an increase of 10 gals/tank or 38%.
> The size of the single door Velocity could be increased by 18 gals/tank,
> by eliminating baggage in the strakes. This would be easy and simple to
> do. I'm wondering if the drug plane had done this. Dallas newspaper said
> "To the surprise of customs, Mr Dufresne didn't refuel, Later they
> discovered that his aircraft had been modified to carry extra fuel".
> Artical quoted DEA agent as saying, "He could fly them, and he could fix
> them". It also said "1992 Velocity RG". That would be a wooping 69%
> increase.
> Dave Black,
> Why don't you do this? You might be able to go "down under" again in
> your plane.
> Carl Hoffman, Classic everything 2-door RG.
> PS, In response to your response to my previous posting, I love seeing
> any canard aircraft fly, especially watching 4 passenger ones where all
> 3 wheels retract after takeoff, or deploy while turning final. That's
> what sold me.
> I would love to have one where the double slotted flaps deploy as the
> swepted backed canard swings forward. Did you see that? Twice I've seen
> one turn final into Washington's National Airport, with the "Capital
> Dome" and Washington Monument in the back ground. The final is short to
> avoid the Prohibited Area, and right over the fourteenth street bridge.