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[Fwd: REFLECTOR: Horizontal cut on the engine cowl]

In answer to "Horizontal cut posting":

I just finished joining the upper and lower cowls. The cowls were never
together before, having been cut off separately. Because of the twist
and turns of the bananna shaped hull halves, the upper cowl overlapped
the lower cowl. There was no "original cut line". The joining I have
now, very nearly meets the "new cut line".

Just stick to Scott Swing's rule G, "get advice from experienced
builders (Scott) as well share what they (Carl) have learned." 

Sorry, I didn't call you and share what I learned. Thankyou, for your
prompt response. This is my late response.

Carl Hoffman

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I have the same question as Carl Hoffman as to where the horizontal cut
line "falls" onto the engine cowl. Can anyone else with a std
wing/original fuselage plane tell us where the trailing edge of the wing
lines up with respect to the aft section of the engine cowl???
Mine is right at the original flange "cut off" on the lower half cowl.

How can you test a circuit breaker and check that it trips at the proper
amperage?  What is the typical tollerance?
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