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Re: REFLECTOR: fuel capacity

Mr Greg Poole wrote:
> There seems to be a heap of opportunity to increase tank size in the
> strakes but I suppose W&B considerations prevent this.
> Regards,
> Greg.

I'm glad to find out the 26 gals/tank figure from "HYTEC45". I've
decreased the baggage size of the strakes considerably. The calculation
was easy, an increase of 10 gals/tank or 38%. 

The size of the single door Velocity could be increased by 18 gals/tank,
by eliminating baggage in the strakes. This would be easy and simple to
do. I'm wondering if the drug plane had done this. Dallas newspaper said
"To the surprise of customs, Mr Dufresne didn't refuel, Later they
discovered that his aircraft had been modified to carry extra fuel".
Artical quoted DEA agent as saying, "He could fly them, and he could fix
them". It also said "1992 Velocity RG". That would be a wooping 69%

Dave Black,
Why don't you do this? You might be able to go "down under" again in
your plane.

Carl Hoffman, Classic everything 2-door RG.

PS, In response to your response to my previous posting, I love seeing
any canard aircraft fly, especially watching 4 passenger ones where all
3 wheels retract after takeoff, or deploy while turning final. That's
what sold me.
I would love to have one where the double slotted flaps deploy as the
swepted backed canard swings forward. Did you see that? Twice I've seen
one turn final into Washington's National Airport, with the "Capital
Dome" and Washington Monument in the back ground. The final is short to
avoid the Prohibited Area, and right over the fourteenth street bridge.