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Re: REFLECTOR: fuel capacity

G'Day Jim

Are the tank capacities of various models of Velocity that unknown or are
you checking (not surprisingly!) that the factory indicated figures are
what they are supposed to be?

There seems to be a heap of opportunity to increase tank size in the
strakes but I suppose W&B considerations prevent this.

What I am really contacting you about is to check your travel arrangements
re Wednesday 14th...arriving 1430....Hazelton Airlines. This means I would
probably plan to pick you up @ around 1445 directly outside the arrivals
end of the terminal outside of baggage collection. What would really help
me given the the general bunrush is for you to calll me ASAP on 0414 273199
as soon as you land so that I can merely time a swoop down to pick you up.
Please confirm.


Greg Poole (Parenting an infant Std RG Elite down under)