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Re: REFLECTOR: Engine weights

> I'd like to be included in any pertinent mailings.

Sure. It seems to be back to the Reflector for now.

>I was talking to Duane ... The 400 lbs does not include a light weight 
>propeller ... The 173 can take a little more weight (the SVX engine 
>was about 420 lbs, all up).

That is good news. I was wondering how firm a limit the 400 lbs is.

>concerned about the 450 lb turbo 20B that Dave is building for ??

Is this a reference to Chuck's engine? I did not think that they had a
full-up weight yet, but maybe they do.

Dave Atkins builds 450 hp 20b's with a supercharger for air-boats
in Alaska. He has not made such a beast for airplanes. I'd bet cooling
would be a problem. The air-boat just sucks up the cold water it floats
in and pumps it back overboard. I cannot imagine why anybody would
want that much power in a Velocity. It is not made for it.