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Re: REFLECTOR: Engine weights

David Doshay wrote:
> A few of us have taken our discussions of Mazda rotories
> offline from the reflector, and we have come to a point for
> which we need your input.
> The manual advises that the firewall rearward package
> should weigh 400 lbs or less.
> What kinds of weights are folks actualy getting for each of
> what seems to be the 3 main engines folks are using now:
> IO-360: ??? lbs
> Franklin:       ??? lbs
> IO-540: ??? lbs
> I guess that we would also like info from anybody else on the
> true importance of that 400 lb number, as well as info on any
> other conversions out there.
> Thanks much,
> David

An IO-360 C1D6 with accessories (no prop Gov.) including the big starter
and alternator is listed at #328,  I will send the detail as soon as I
get to the hanger for the Lyc manual.

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