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Re: REFLECTOR: Electronic ignition

At 05:31 AM 10/7/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Sometime ago I used
>http://www.newaviation.com/archive/velocity/maillist.html to retrieve the
>old velocity builders page communications. Is it not working or been
>Electronic ignition... Don't most use 1 mag and 1 electronic ignition so
>that only 1 battery is required? My 173 FG will have a Franklin, IVO prop
>and me at 165 lbs (summer time wt.). Am I going to have put lead in the
>nose to get it in CG?? If I do, it just as well be another battery and use
>two electronic ignitions. Thought's on this, please. 
I've heard of several people doing just this.

Second battery is smaller type feeding only second elec. ign..
It needs only to be able to feed the elec ign long enough for you to fly to
an alternate airport. I've heard of motorcycle type batteries being used.

Place a diode between the batteries so that the main battery can charge the
secondary but prevent the secondary from feeding back to the primary. 

Dave Brown