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Re: REFLECTOR: Wiring to the top door (classic)

In a message dated 10/5/98 11:36:42 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
ddoshay@cisco.com writes:

> You really should stay away from any gizmo which will
>  connect and disconnedt automatically as the door opens and
>  closes. It is just too complicated, and will be a maintenance
>  headache.

I second Davids notion. I work at a Toyota dealer and anybody want to see what
that type of connection would look like, just go look at the right side cargo
door of a Previa. Has a big plastic connector with THREE whole connectors
inside. What's more, we get nothing but squeek complaints that originate in
this area as when the body tweeks, the plastic rubs. Not much of a concern in
an aircraft droning around at 90 db, but better solutions can be found.

The solution that David has is certainly fine as well as a cord much like the
handpiece cord on your everyday phone.

Dale Alexander
173 RGE