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Re: REFLECTOR: Wiring to the top door (classic)

David Doshay wrote:

> You really should stay away from any gizmo which will
> connect and disconnedt automatically as the door opens and
> closes. It is just too complicated, and will be a maintenance
> headache.

I totally agree. 

In my view, the trick to long life in the wiring harness is to limit how much
it must flex during door opening. Instead of running the wire directly across
the opening, I plan to run the wire bundle PARALLEL to the door hinge line for
about 3 inches. It'll form a "Z" shape where it crosses the hinge line. The
top and bottom parts of the Z will head more or less perpendicular to the
hinge line. The center section will be located as close to the hinge line as
possible. Thus when the door opens, the wire bundle will not do any major
flexing, but will just twist slightly. 

Of course, I haven't wired mine yet...

Dave Black
SW RG Classic (TopDoor)