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Re: REFLECTOR: Rudders & Ailerons

Venky's Velocity Hangar wrote:

> Once you put the hinge backing layers in the wells, you will have
> sufficient thickness

Negative.  Thickness yes, strength no.

> to countersink the screws to be flush.
> At 08:24 AM 10/5/98 -0500, you wrote:
> >Getting ready to attach rudders and ailerons. Book says to use
> >AN526C-1032R8 screws, washers and lock nuts.
> >
> >I've sanded my wings and rudders down to where I hit the glass as the book
> >suggested. Saves weight that way. Now I realize that of the Velocity's I've
> >seen they don't have these big ugly screws sticking out

Not so ugly and out of laminar flow...no drag.

> .... Have I missed
> >something, or does everyone put on microballon thick enough to cover them
> >or use different screws?

Good place not to diviate from plans.