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Re: REFLECTOR: Rudders & Ailerons

bill medsker wrote:
> Getting ready to attach rudders and ailerons. Book says to use
> AN526C-1032R8 screws, washers and lock nuts.
> I've sanded my wings and rudders down to where I hit the glass as the book
> suggested. Saves weight that way. Now I realize that of the Velocity's I've
> seen they don't have these big ugly screws sticking out.... Have I missed
> something, or does everyone put on microballon thick enough to cover them
> or use different screws???
I used the AN526C big ugly screws on my ailerons and rudders, six on the
outboard side of the winglet, and seven on the top side of each wing.
The other side of the hinges were attach with pop-rivets. I countersunk
for rivets and filled with micro on the rudder, as suggested by the
book. The counter sink penetrated micro, not glass. The rivets on the
ailerons penetrated backing plates, and the inboard ones also penetrated
the torque tubes.

Carl Hoffman, Classic wings, winglets, rudders, canard tips 2 door RG