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REFLECTOR: Wiring to the top door (classic)

The description of the Grand Champion Long-EZ in Sport Aviation is very
inspiring. That to me is the epitomy of experimental aviation and

Anyway, do people have suggestions/thoughts on how to get electrical wires
into the door of a Classic (top door, clam shell, whatever you want to call
it) in a reliable and non-obtrusive way. The two possibilities I can think
of are (1) Next to the hinges with the wires glued down except for a tiny
bit at the pivot points OR (2) an arrangement at the top front of the door
where in addition to an extra latch is a quick disconnect for the
electrical system possibly tied to the latch movement itself for
connect/disconnect. The latter seems the cleanest but I am not sure how to
make it last through millions of door openings and closings. Any design
ideas, part recommendations, etc.?