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Re: REFLECTOR: Fuel strainers

R. Wayne Owens wrote:
> Putney, Gordon A. wrote:
>              I am considering removable finger strainers (4) in
>      my 173RG tanks instead of the fixed (uncleanable) strainers
>      in the plans.   Any thoughts on this approach?????
>   I did it that way.  You just have to put in a bushing so threads are
> available to screw  them into. They are available from A.S.S. and
> others. One slight disadvantage is the fuel outlet from the tank is a
> little higher on the sice of the tank and makes the last bit of fuel
> difficult to use.
> Wayne Owens  173 FG  Classic  (Porthole Access)

That last bit of fuel could be significant. It just adds to the empty
weight of the plane, and the W&B. Could have as mush effect as moving
the back seats around.

It may be easier to get to the rear screens in a FG than an RG. It is
difficult enough to get to the inboard wing bolts. The landing gear well
tunnel presents bigger problems in an RG. The front finger strainer
would protude more in into the rear cabin.

There is one other problem. Removing them with fuel in the tanks.
Remember one of the early Velocitys that Scott and Duane built which
burned up before it ever left the ground? They were just dealing with
fuel in the sump tank.

Simon, Do have a FG or RG?

Carl Hoffman

PS, I used a piece of screen material Dave Black had left over.