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nate calvin wrote:
> High Tech?  What is high tech about W/B?  Lets try ECENTIAL INFORMATION!

And not a MOMENT to soon. 

> I really think W/B should be taken seriously and with slow methodological
> and meticulous process with the help and blessing of the Velocity factories.

And to BALANCE this WEIGHTY issue, we fortunately not only the help and
blessing of the factory, but a rather extensive (hence for me,
procedure in the back of our POHs available from the factory for doing
our W/B.

I'm not too worried...by the time I finish my plane I'll have another
5-10lbs ballast around my waste.

Hi Nate!  How's the Sierra Flight System coming along ?  Hey! If you
answer that, start a new thread title Sierra or something...wouldn't
want that good stuff to get mixed in to where I won't find it 6 months
from now.

And Hi Mike Watson..did I read you're putting in leather ?  I think
there's a real good look-alike in the factory XL, except it's 35lbs
lighter and lasts 4 times longer.

Jeff Barnes