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Carl writes:
>I've already mounted leather seats in a STD RGE Elite. I haven't done
>the W&B. I am not going to change the rear seat postitions. W&B balance
>depends on many things. 
>Carl Hoffman, N1QR
>PS, I don't think we need to be "High Tech" here. PLEASE, just my

High Tech?  What is high tech about W/B?  Lets try ECENTIAL INFORMATION!
This folks is not to be taken lightly in my opinion.  Personally, I want to
know the W/B for every possible weight scenario available BEFORE I ever even
taxi the plane.  I might be overboard, but W/B is one of the most critical
things when building an AC.  

I talked to a guy who built an ultralight and taxied to the end of the
runway and decided to "pin in to the firewall".  No W/B prior to flight or
high-speed taxi.  After "jumping" into the air he said it was "a bit
squirlly" and decided to "set 'er down" on the runway.  When he pulled power
it began to climb with the nose up and eventually approached a stall.  He
applied full power again to bring the nose DOWN and executed a go-around.
The elevators lacked authority for a nose down attitude at low power
settings and therefore he had to touch down with full power at over 90 mph
(Vne was 100).  Lucky and Stupid!

I really think W/B should be taken seriously and with slow methodological
and meticulous process with the help and blessing of the Velocity factories.

Just MY opinion.

Nate Calvin